Skwatta Kamp. Photo: supplied.

Shortly after releasing a song in tribute to their fallen soldier, Flabba, the members of Skwatta Kamp are back in the studio. The song is called There You Go and is a heartfelt ode to one of the greatest rappers that have ever touched a mic in South Africa.

There is an album rumoured to be in the works but until we actually have it playing from our favourite streaming sites, we won’t hold them to anything.

While you wait, you can check out some of the group members dropping hot 16s on the #SkwattaCypher. Nemza was first up and then Bozza and even singer, Relo, got in on the fun. Over the next few weeks, the rest of the group members will also be stepping into the cypher to give us their best bars.

This was all inspired by Wikid’s #16BarChallenge that was popping on Twitter a few months ago. Does Skwatta still have it? You be the judge: