YoungstaCPT has just put out his 30th mixtape.

Imagine being 26 years old and releasing your 30th mixtape? When you’re YoungstaCPT, you don’t have to imagine. This morning, the lyricist finally dropped his newest music offering.

To Be Continued is the name of the tape that sees YoungstaCPT join forces with Maloon TheBoom once again. It is the third collaboration between the pair who, together, go by the name Yungloon Taliboom.

On releasing his 30th mixtape, YoungstaCPT told us: “I had to put out mixtape number 30 because 29 is a k*k number to end a series on. It just doesn’t feel right. This will not be the last mixtape I ever release but it’s the last one before I drop my album.”

On working with producer, Maloon, on To Be Continued, YoungstaCPT said: “Musically, we understand each other. He gets me and that’s very rare to find in a producer. He understands the vision I’m trying to achieve with this Kaaspstad slang movement.”   

Get YoungstaCPT’s 30th mixtape now: