Like The Weekend and Frank Ocean, Miguel is not an R&B artist. These youngsters are making it hard for the Grammys and other award ceremonies to categorise them.

“I’ll admit, my music borrows a lot from R&B, but it also has funk, rock and whatever I am feeling at the time,” said Miguel.

“My sound is my own, no one else is doing it.”

Although he got all technical about why his sound is not R&B, his hit song Adorn, off the Kaleidoscope Dream album, won a Grammy for best R&B song.

“It was a tremendous honour. It was great to be among all those musicians and be selected as the one, it was just powerful,” he said, clearly reliving the night in his mind.

As with many musicians, the song did not come from the ether but a personal place in the musician’s life.

“I wrote it when I was missing my girl. I was on my way home, so I just started writing and it all felt so right that the whole thing was completed when I got home,” he recalled.

But it doesn’t end there. If you got your hands on Kaleidoscope Dream you’ll know there is a song, which sounds like an impromptu attempt called P**** Is Mine that’s almost the oddball of the album.

“Man, we were just messing around in the studio and the song came out, but I didn’t realise that the guys were recording. We decided to go with it afterwards.

“The interesting thing is we had been talking about it as guys in the studio, about how guys can get possessive over women, so I just stepped away to play around with a song idea on the subject,” he said.

Forgetting the subject matter, the song is one of the stronger and more addictive tunes on the album. Miguel just shows incredible musicianship both in vocal prowess and lyrical content. Other songs to look out for are the Alicia Keys-penned Where’s the Fun in Forever?, Do You and How Many Drinks?

With the kind of success Miguel is enjoying comes bizarre encounters with the fans. Although they may be many, one stands out in the singer’s mind.

“Once I had two women come up to my hotel room naked. I was shocked. I didn’t know how they made it past security or how they had managed to walk throughout the hotel looking like that,” he said.

If you are a die-hard Miguel fan, then you know he will be coming to perform in South Africa this weekend. He’ll be at the Standard Bank Arena on Friday and at Ostrich Ranch, Cape Town, On Sunday.

“I’ve been waiting for a while to come to South Africa,” he said.

“I need my fans to expect a show they have never seen before. The shows will be a party, it will be dynamic and personal at the same time,” he said.


• Tickets are available through Computicket.




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