074-Motswako rapper "Mr Blaxxsmith" 18.02.2013 Picture:Dumisani Dube

Many people would claim to be the founders of Motswako (Tswana and Pedi for “mixture”), but if you retrace its history, Mr Blax Myth (pictured) probably has that right.

“Back in the day, our group – Baphixile – was the first to do Motswako commercially,” said the rapper.

“Hey, perhaps there was some cat doing it out there for his homies, but we came out first as far as doing it for the public is concerned.”

This conversation came after he received part of his upcoming solo material in which he dubs himself “The King of Motswako”.

At a listening session, he even threw an indirect jab at Khuli Chana for naming his album Motswakoriginator.

“How do you invent something that is already there? When Jan van Riebeeck said he discovered the Cape, there were people there – so what exactly did he discover?” he chuckled.

And chuckling forms part of his character, so much so that you start to wonder if he wouldn’t do well with a side gig in comedy.

He has a way with people and his lyrics are fashioned to put a smile on your face.

“That’s just me, man. I never sit down to think what’s that one thing that will make people laugh. I just say things that are on my mind and if people laugh, then great.”

With hit single Pitoria enjoying great airplay, it is only a matter of time before Mr Blax Myth gets to be a household name, just like Baphixile used to be back in the day.

“I featured Magesh on the song and it all happened (out of) sheer luck.

“I had called him to feature on another song, and one of the producers played Pitoria by mistake and Magesh exclaimed that was the song he liked the most.”

And if you get to listen to it, Pitoria is an instant hit.

Think TKZee when they were in their prime and add a bit of YMCMB bass.

That is how the song sounds.

Other tracks vary from old-school kwaito with jazz influences to serious R&B hooks on 16-bar rap verses.

It is obvious the man is not just starting out – he knows what he is doing and he loves it.

“Look, man, my material is 80 percent sePedi and not a lot of people are doing that right now, so I am confident that there is a market for this.”

Other people who have made strides in their personal music journeys also feature on his album.

“I have Afrotraction, who brings his Afro-soul slow-jam vibe and I jump on it with lazy lyrics.

“I also use Genesis of Futuresound and he, too, sings very well.”

You may not know these names, but that was part of Mr Blax Myth’s plan.

Other well-known stars will be reserved for future projects.

“I didn’t want any big names on this album, especially the rappers, because that would just kill my shine – or, in some cases I would kill their shine.

“No, but seriously, this is my first solo project and I did not want to confuse the listener about what I actually sound like.”

His upcoming debut album will be titled Good Space Volume 1, a project he hopes to keep alive the longest.

“There will be Volume 2, 3 and 4 not far from now, but for now I will concentrate on the first one.”

• Good Space Volume 1 will available at the end of March.