Noluthando Malope

Munya Vomo

When they talk about the apple not falling far from the tree they may as well put Noluthando Malope’s face in there. The only other Malope we know of is the legendary singer, Rebecca.

Noluthando is her striking daughter who, like mommy, can sing and has a show on TV. That said, this is in no way insinuating that Noluthando rides on her mother’s success.

If anything she has worked hard to have an autonomous career and make a name for herself. In the past she has auditioned in shows like Popstars and MTV’s VJ Search – and she was a favourite. Last year she got a bit-part in South Africa’s biggest soapie, Generations, and now she is One Gospel’s newest face.

“One Gospel is introducing a couple of new shows and More Than A Song is one of them. I present More Than A Song and am really excited about it,” said the younger Malope.

“More Than A Song is a show that explores the inspiration behind the artist’s music. We look at known songs and interview the artists that produced them… So it is an informative show,” she explained.

Of importance is the fact that while the show may be shot in South Africa, it will be beamed across the continent and so its content is drawn from countries beyond our borders.

“We started off with South Africa and have been to Nigeria, Malawi and the US and in all these places we find the inspirations behind all the songs that we have come to love,” she explained.

The show may be new to viewers, but Malope and her crew have been busy on it for a while.

“We are almost done with shooting the season and it was a great experience,” she said.

Although she is fairly new on the TV landscape, Malope let it be known that she has been doing the necessary background work to prepare for this role.

“I get confused by what I did on TV as a competition and what I did as work. I did a co-presenting stint on a media career guide show and I did Generations as Lerato, who was MJ’s love interest. I also finished shooting an eKasi story film, which will air later in the year,” she said.

Malope, like her mother, sings very well, but the public will have to wait to hear her.

“I can sing a bit but I am not ready to put anything out there. I am concentrating on other aspects of my life, like presenting, acting and running a talent agency business. Also, I know there will be comparisons between me and my mom and so as soon as I get over that pressure, then I will release something,” she said.

More Than a Song airs on Sundays at 8pm on One Gospel, (DStv channel 331).