Neyla Pekarek, from left, Jeremiah Caleb Fraites, Wesley Schultz, Byron Isaacs and Stelth Ulvang of The Lumineers perform at the Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival on Sunday, March 5, 2017, in Okeechobee, Fla. Picture: AP

American folk rock band The Lumineers have landed in South Africa and are ready to take the stage at the Green Point Park on 26 April.

Joining the international sensation for their South African tour are local bands Early Hours & Opposite the Other. 

Speaking to the media during a press conference the members of both supporting groups shared that they are grateful for the opportunity to open for The Lumineers.

During the press conference, The Lumineers member Wesley Schultz furthermore added that the last time he visiting South Africa he went on a safari and plans on doing it again. 

When asked whether they want to collaborate with any South African acts both Wesley Schultz & Jeremiah Fraites said they would like to bring Early Hours & Opposite the Other with them on a US tour. 

The Lumineers is set to per in Johannesburg on the 28th of April 2017.