Danny Avila
Danny Avila

PARTYING up a storm when you’re young, wild and free undoubtedly creates some of the best days of our lives. And as they say, life is short, so the way I see it is to go big or go home. With that said, this year’s 4U Rage Festival is once again dawning upon us and what better way for matrics to celebrate the end of their exams than at the biggest youth fest in the country.

Going down in uMhlanga and Ballito from November 29 until December 5, the high-profile, one-of-a-kind fest features a killer line-up of international and national acts, put together by G&G Productions.

Some of the hottest artists include Spanish house DJ, Danny Avila; Dutch DJ and record producer, R3hab; and French house/nu-disco/pop producer, Madeon. Closer to home, the spectacular line-up of local acts include Goodluck, Jeremy Loops, Fresh, Euphonik, Jack Parrow, Pascal & Pearce and more.

For the successful, young dance DJ, Euphonik, he never gets tired of playing at the 4U Rage Fest. He is loud, bubbly and passionate when he speaks of the under-18 party event.

Explaining his reasons for playing at Rage every year, he shares: “It’s the one party where energy levels are on an absolute high.

“Some of these kids are fresh out of high school and they’ve just finished their big exam so they go there to have the time of their lives. It’s amazing. And it’s all about making awesome memories.”

In terms of his set, he says that he caters specifically for the kids at Rage. “It’s about playing music at the right time and at the right place and most people love electro and EDM (electronic dance music) so I play a set that speaks of my style.

“I give it my all and make people happy because they pay for a great party and that’s what you have to give them.

“A lot of planning goes into it. I see the current trends and incorporate that into my set.

“You have to bring yourself to the party and the DJ has to have a great time. You have to have a large amount of energy to translate to the crowd and you need to deliver.”

Something fresh and exciting to look forward to this year is The Sound Factory which is the only venue in South Africa that will play host to so many international DJs over 10 days consecutively.

The Sound Factory is a three-dance-floor temporary venue that will host six out of the eight 4U Rage Power events.

Shedding light on the under-18 market and their reaction to music and partying as compared with older crowds, Euphonik says the kids at school are a lot more energetic and responsive.

“It’s like what they say about a new-born baby’s laugh. That it’s the most innocent thing and the purest. It’s the same for a kid coming to a fest for the first time. Their reaction is so amazing. For some of them, it’s a whole new experience. They usually just see these big parties on TV so when they experience it for themselves, their reaction is awesome.

“Also, they go a lot crazier at fests like Rage as compared with partying in a club. I guess because there are more people to share the experience with and it’s the whole environment and the set-up which allows them to do that.”

Since the under-18 market is considered the most energetic and does not leave a party without having the time of their lives, I asked Euphonik if this market was his favourite crowd to play to? “Definitely.

“They are the leaders and from a futurist point of view, they are the future audience and to be able to share that with them, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

In terms of the gig on November 30, international headlining DJ, R3hab, will be performing alongside 5FM’s Fresh, Euphonik, Milkshake and Roger Goode among others for Fist Pump Nation.

Joining the star-studded line-up on the night will be Kent, Tomorrow’s Will, PH, Nick Supply and many more.

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