The Afrikaans Language Board has welcomed Steve Hofmeyr's decision to change the k-word in his song, "Ons sal dit oorleef" (We will survive this). Photo: Independent Newspapers

Steve Hofmeyr has reportedly dumped R5 000 worth of U2 tickets in the Jukskei River to protest against Bono’s comments about the “Kill The Boer” song.

Hofmeyr took the action after Bono told the Sunday Times that he thinks the struggle song “has a place” but cautioned against singing it in the “wrong context”.

The news has caused much discussion on Twitter, where Hofmeyr made the announcement, with comments like these:

@gussilber: Honestly, What kind of example is Steve Hofmeyr setting? Pollution of the Jukskei is already a huge problem.

@georginaguedes: Can’t say how delighted I am that there’s no chance of bumping into Steve Hofmeyr tonight.

@watkykjy: Steve Hofmeyr... Cry me a f***** Jukskei...

@awisto: He should have jumped in that river with those tickets.

@treepee: Meow! I agree :) RT @anib seriously. shut up steve hofmeyr. you’re as much of a has-been as bono.

@meltsieb: Steve Hofmeyr gaan nie meer U2 toe nie. All clear mamma’s, julle dogters is safe.

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