The Own The Block (OTB) battle rappers, who will officially be competing in the OTB rap battle league, were announced on Saturday 12th August 2017 to a wide audience in Cape Town including the city’s most respected and up and coming artists. 

OTB rappers who made the final cut are  Imie Vanie Delft,  Mykey,  Jamie Palm,  Sir Kir,  The Kulture,  Infinite Line,  Mafatsheng.  KTH King and  Raykin J.

OTB was started by childhood friends, Tyler The Instigator and YoungstaCPT, to provide a platform for rappers to showcase their skills and lyrical abilities to the rest of South Africa and the world. 

The brand is recognised as leaders in South African battle rap and is the only street rap battle league in the country. The rap battles take place on street corners and at various popular locations around Cape Town in the ‘ghettos’, suburbs and townships where the crowd decides the winner. 

OTB has positioned themselves as an entertainment company and will feature the best battle rappers in every city, with the main focus on rap battles and will offer two main services which include rap battles and live performances.