Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook says her boobs get bigger when people play with them.

The busy beauty has responded to rumours she could be pregnant by insisting she isn't expecting a child with her fiancé David McIntosh and suggested that the speculation may have been caused because her ample assets have grown.

She said: “Do I look pregnant? Maybe my boobs have got bigger. The more they're played with, the bigger they get.”

The 34-year-old stunner has been working out more recently but admits the main reason she goes to the gym is so she can watch her fiancé work out.

She explained: “I've been going to the gym an awful lot. I'm basically going there to watch David work out. But I've also been lifting some heavy weights with him.

“My body doesn't respond in the same way as it does for him.”

Kelly - who was described as a “heffer” by Katie Price last year - has come under fire from Twitter trolls who claimed she looked “fat” in recent bikini pictures, but the brunette beauty insists she isn't paying any attention to the criticism because she is the “happiest I've ever felt”.

She added to heat magazine: “I just feel like a big, strong woman at the moment – I don't feel as dainty as I used to feel. I like it, actually, but I'd like to be a bit leaner.

“People are saying I'm big and I'm fat – I don't really care, because inside I'm the happiest I've ever felt.” – Bang Showbiz