Britain's Prince Harry (3rd L) participates in a performance during his visit to a school for children with disabilities during the last day of his tour in Santiago

Britain's Prince Harry fixed a Chilean family's television so they could watch their national team take on Brazil in the FIFA world cup.

The 29-year-old royal - who arrived in the village of El Vergel in Chile on Saturday(28.06.14) - was visiting a shack lived in by Coca Perez, 50 and her teenage son and daughter when he noticed their television wasn't working properly, reports The Express newspaper.

Mrs Perez said: “He looked at it and he started to fiddle with the cable

“He managed to get it working so we could watch Chile playing Brazil later. Now I can tell everyone that Prince Harry is my TV repair man.”

The prince visited the village with the charity 'Techo' just two months after a forest fire devastated the region, destroying residents' homes and leaving fifteen dead.

However, the prince remained optimistic about the village's recovery. He told Mrs Perez: “The worst seems to be over and now it's just a case of waiting.”

Mrs Perez replied: “We just have to wait and be patient. We have no choice.”

During his stay in Chile - which followed on from his trip to Brazil last week - the young royal also visited the 'Children of Jesus Foundation' facility in Santiago which cares for children with disabilities.

Harry clearly enjoyed his visit to the centre where he was presented with photographs and even joined in during the children's musical performance, singing and dancing along to Katy Perry's hit 'Firework'. – Bang Showbiz