Riky Rick and Bra Hugh. Picture: Supplied

This Spring, world renowned Jazz legend, Hugh Masekela & Hip Hop star, Riky Rick are set to join musical forces as part of the exchange on the road to the 20th edition of  the Joy of Jazz.

The rare cross generational collaboration will showcase 'Sidlu Kontini' rapper taking some of Masekela’s classic hit singles to re-imagine and remix them from his generational musical vantage.

Masekela will also have a go at some of Riky Rick’s most memorable hits when the pair meet on stage on September 20, before an exclusive audience of music lovers invited to witness the transgenerational creative exchange.

The renowned trumpeter & composer isn’t a stranger when it comes to rap music; in 1984, Masekela released  “Don’t Go Lose It Baby” single which  featured him doing a rap verses in the classic style similar to  Sugar Hill Gang.

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The pair isn't the first musical disparate acts to collaborate in SA. 

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