Ringo Madlingozi. Picture: Supplied
Ringo Madlingozi is set to wow his fans at the next Ekurhuleni Comes Alive Jazz evening.

The Sondela hitmaker will be making this performance one to remember.

“A Ringo concert is not just a performance. It is an intensely spiritual, rhythmic and healing journey that takes you with me to the heights of oneness with all that is in the universe.”

The songwriter and producer said it was a unique journey of the soul and it was through this experience that the music was able to heal.

“My mother gave me the nickname Ringo because of my singing and drumming talents, something I started to show from age three,” he said.

His nickname is broken down into five elements: R for rhythm, I for Inspiring, N for Nurturing, G for Great and O for Original. 

He breaks down his name to bring the message of his music across.

“The music and the messages in it are inspiring to the mind and soul of those who have embraced it and allowed it to touch them.”

It is in his music that messages of love of one person for another, of love between nations and all members of the human race are expressed. 

Madlingozi has nurtured young talent and encouraged them to pursue greatness and to realise their dreams.

Part of his mission is to leave a legacy of a rich cultural and musical heritage for generations that will live long after his era.

Making music is always a spiritual experience for Madlingozi.

Sometimes, when a rhythm comes to mind, he will record it in studio but won't remember singing it during the recording.

“These moments are deeply emotional, physically and mentally draining. Songs such as Kuzolunga, Nkqo-Nkqo, and Vuka Sula are examples of songs that result from such an experience.”

His fan base, which is spread through young and old, will experience some of these songs when he performs on Friday evening at the Birchwood Hotel in Boksburg.

It will be one for the books as his son, Phila, will be the opening act for the night. 

Phila has managed to carve a name for himself as an actor on a number of television shows, outside of his father's illustrious career. 

The singing talent did not fall too far from the tree as the young star first came into the spotlight after being on M-Net’s Idols.

Also performing on the Jazz Comes Alive stage will be Sister H, comedians The Hit Man and Siya Seya and the resident MC Hector Motivator.

*Tickets to the show cost R450 a person.