Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Picture: AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth

In case you missed it, reports surfaced early November claiming that Duchess Meghan is apparently struggling to hold on to key staff members.

The Daily Mail reported that Meghan’s personal assistant suddenly quit just six months after the former "Suits" actress married into the Royal Family.

At the time, a Kensington Palace spokesman declined to comment on the departure of the PA, whose name is given only as Melissa. However, in a highly unusual move, a Palace source was authorised to pay tribute to her.

"Melissa is a hugely talented person," the source said. "She played a pivotal role in the success of the Royal Wedding and will be missed by everyone in the Royal Household."

Just a month after Melissa exited the Duchess of Sussex's service, her second aide will reportedly be leaving too, but on a much less dramatic note.

The Sunday Times reports that Samantha Cohen "intends" to leave next spring after Meghan has her baby. But the departure is far less dramatic — and far less damning of Meghan as a manager —than it seems: Cohen had joined the team in a temporary position and never planned to stay there permanently.