Britain's Meghan Duchess of Sussex, visits the Mothers2Mothers organisation, which trains and employs women living with HIV as frontline health workers across eight African nations, in Cape Town, South Africa, Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2019. Picture: Henk Kruger / African News Agency via AP, Pool.

The Duchess of Sussex's best friend, Misha Nonoo, insists the Duchess "hasn't changed" since joining the royal family.

The former "Suits" star - who was known as Meghan Markle before she wed Prince Harry in May 2018 - has known Misha Nonoo for more than five years and the fashion designer is delighted such a huge change of circumstances hasn't impacted on her pal or their friendship.

Misha said: "I know you'd think all that would make a difference to our friendship. But she hasn't changed as a friend at all, which I'm so grateful for.

"She remains exactly the same person as always; equally committed, equally involved, incredibly thoughtful.

"And it's a great pleasure to be able to say that because friendships can change over the years: people move countries, they have children, they get married - it's the natural course of life. But she has been incredibly loyal."

Misha thinks the duchess has faced "unjust" criticism because she always does a lot of good work to help other people.

She told You magazine of Meghan's critics: "It's very unjust. People should focus on the good. She's such an incredible person and I am so proud of the work that she's done, because she has always been someone who has wanted to help other people.

"That was one of the first things we bonded over. That and dogs - she loves dogs!"

The designer is widely assumed to be the person who set Meghan, 38, and 35-year-old Harry up on a blind date, but she won't confirm the speculation.

She said: "I don't comment on that. Everyone [asks], every time."

Asked if she'll ever come clean, she laughed: "Not as long as I've still got everything going in the right way. But I'm happy that Meghan and Harry are happy. They're very, very happy."