Once again, Kelly Osbourne has a go at ‘whinger’ Prince Harry

Kelly Osbourne has blasted "whinger" Prince Harry for portraying himself as a "victim". Picture: Reuters

Kelly Osbourne has blasted "whinger" Prince Harry for portraying himself as a "victim". Picture: Reuters

Published Sep 27, 2023


Kelly Osbourne has blasted "whinger" Prince Harry for portraying himself as a "victim".

The 38-year-old star slammed the Duke of Sussex and his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, three months ago, and she's now revisited her comments and explained she lashed out because she feels "a certain level of disappointment" with the couple for stepping down from royal duties and Harry subsequently hitting out at the monarchy in his memoir 'Spare' and accompanying interviews.

Speaking on her family's podcast 'The Osbournes', she said: "I said he was a t***. I just think he's such a whinger and the thing is, maybe it's because I feel a certain level of disappointment in the sense where I feel like they had an opportunity to become the most liked, loved people in the entire world that could actually bring some positive change.

"But then went down this, like, victim road instead. I get wanting to leave. I get that, but then just leave. Don't leave and then just give ‘woe is me’ stories about how difficult it was."

Her brother Jack went on to criticise people for defending Harry and Meghan - who have children Prince Archie, four, and Princess Lilibet, two, together - in the wake of Osbourne’s original comments.

He added: "But the funny thing was, I don't know if you looked at any of the comments from any of the articles, but it was amazing how many of these wokey American people were vehemently defending them. And you're like, 'Hang on a f****** second!' "

Their mother Sharon admitted she is a fan of the monarchy but also believes it needs to be "modernised".

She said: "That's because I'm old. I love it! Everybody's human, we're all human. They do a lot of good, but they're human beings and they f*** up. We all f*** up. So the thing is, they do a lot of good also.

"I think that it needs to be scaled down and I do think that a lot of the pomp should go. It should be much more modernised, but I don't think it should be stopped. It should be more modernised - they've got to stop with the silly hats and the capes."

In her original rant, Osbourne branded Harry a “whining, whinging, complaining t***”.

The 38-year-old reality TV regular hit out at the royal, also 38, days after he and his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, 41, had their multi-million dollar Spotify deal axed.

She fumed on the ‘I’ve Had It’ podcast: “Everybody’s life is f****** hard. I think Harry is a f****** t***, I do!

“He is a whining, whinging complaining, woe is me, I’m the only one whose had mental problems, my life was so hard – everybody’s life was f****** hard!

“Everybody’s f****** life is hard.”

Referencing the scandal that erupted after Harry wore a Nazi soldier costume to a party in 2005, Osbourne also blasted: “You were the prince of a goddamn country who dressed up as a f****** Nazi, and now you’re trying to come back as the Pope. Suck it! No!”