At least half of the world loves to party, and the other half loves to travel. We can’t always travel to party, as it is expensive and our occupations don’t always allow it. This is why Jacqueline M Wood (pictured) has to have the coolest job in the world.

As host of the TV show Party On, Wood will travel around the world looking for interesting tourist destinations which are famous for throwing the most memorable parties. It is almost like hanging out with David Guetta at those F*** Me I’m Famous parties of his.

Wood’s job is simple. She flies from one international destination to the next and sniffs out a party worth reporting back to you.

For those who don’t know, Wood is the actress who plays Steffy Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. On the show, Wood plays a flamboyant young woman who frequently travels all over the world for business. That’s only a storyline though. In Party On she actually gets to live the Steffy Forrester lifestyle.

Wood was in South Africa about a year ago, and during her stay she revealed that she was a passionate DJ and she knew a thing or two about spinning the decks.

As someone who has experience mixing music, her Party On venues should be unforgettable.

For those of us who can’t make it to these venues, Wood will bring the party to us through social media. In the middle of those tequila shots and Bloody Marys, Wood will be on her phone sending pictures and videos on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Some of the destinations that Wood will visit include the Croatian island of Hvar, which promotes itself as the sunniest spot in Europe. Apparently royalty comes to party here, too, especially Britain’s Prince Harry.

Wood will also take us to another island, a Greek one this time – Mykonos. Several celebrities are said to frequent this place every summer and it is famous for its unforgettable nightlife.

The American beauty will also visit our continent when she goes to Morocco’s Marrakesh, a place where different cultures mix – with some interesting party results.

Wood has also appeared in other productions, including Arrow and Final Destination 5. And Party On will surely widen her fan base.


• Party On premieres tomorrow at 7pm on E! Entertainment (DStv channel 124).