Somizi Mhlongo. Picture: Instagram

“I’m thinking of what I think I thought I thinked I think of thinking,” Somizi posts on Instagram.

"Aaaand there it is! I am literally living for Somizi's shade," responds one of Somizi's followers.

"Why didn't @akaworldwide help Bae? Akere he raps, in English nogal, unless he also uses Google Translate when he writes his material. My friend said I should ask," adds another follower.

These were some of the responses that came up after Somizi, who used to be friends with Bonang, responded to the passage from her book that dealt with why the pair's friendship ended. 

“Somizi didn’t even realise why I had stopped friends with him”, an extract from Bonang’s A-B reads.

The Top Billing host and former Metro FM presenter was mocked as readers reveal the book contains many typographical errors. 

Euphonik throws shade at Bonang in 'cry wolf ' tweet

Some even highlighted the fact that Bonang got her date of birth wrong: “On 24 June 1987, a day my mother describes as the coldest Thursday..."

Bonang's book tops best sellers list

A Twitter storm started brewing as these and more typos were discovered in Mzansi’s best seller.