So much for resting in peace. While the hip hop community mourned the untimely death of rap crooner Nate Dogg in 2011, it appears his family were only interested in the cash.

Nate Dogg, who lent his distinctive baritone to some of the biggest hits during rap music’s golden era in the 90s, didn’t leave a will when he died, sparking a feud between his children and his wife Latoya Calvin.

According to gossip site TMZ, Calvin took charge of the estate after her husband’’s death, but Nate Dogg’s children contested the move and nominated an attorney instead.

This week, Calvin filed new legal documents requesting that Nate Dogg’s mother Ruth Holmes be named as co-administrator of the estate. However, according to Nate Dogg’s daughter, Aundrane Hale, her grandmother is only in it for the money.

"Ruth doesn't have my best interest or the interest of my brothers and sisters,” she said. Hale further claims that the kids won’’t get anything if their stepmother Calvin and Holmes run the estate. She says Calvin "didn't even show up to Nate's funeral", and that Holmes "was never a grandmother".

The judge has yet to rule on this case.