Why everyone is hella curious about LaConco’s ‘mystery man’ on 'RHODurban'

Jojo Robinson challenged Nonku Williams when she took potshots at Sorisha Naidoo in episode 7 of ’The Real Housewives of Durban’. Picture: Showmax

Jojo Robinson challenged Nonku Williams when she took potshots at Sorisha Naidoo in episode 7 of ’The Real Housewives of Durban’. Picture: Showmax

Published Mar 15, 2022


Talk about explosive – the recent episodes of “The Real Housewives of Durban” have been rife with clashes.

In the “Sexy Scary” Halloween shindig of episode 5, host Sorisha Naidoo was at her wits’ end with all the cattiness as Nonku Williams drowned her frustrations with bubbly.

And newcomer Thobile “MaKhumalo” Mseleku bailed early as she wasn’t well – not that anyone noticed.

Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco with Sorisha Naidoo at Jojo’s pool party. Picture: Showmax

Let’s not forget about the “Maleficent” who-wore-it-better wardrobe clash between Sorisha and Londie London.

In episode 6, Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco and Thobile finally discussed the elephant in the room. But LaConco was far from impressed with her answer.

Sorisha Naidoo with her new BFF, Thobile “MaKhumalo” Mseleku, who missed the sexy brief for the night. Picture: Showmax

Meanwhile, Jojo Robinson’s attempt to rope Londie in for an intervention with Nonku went pear-shaped. Let’s just say Londie's lack of tact by calling her a “drunk” didn’t help the situation either and it wasn’t long before a war of words ensued.

But all seemed to end well when the ladies got together for a pool party at Jojo’s place. In between some of the ladies being caught up on the intervention saga, LaConco got them curious when a massive bouquet arrived for her.

Does she have a man in her life? Or did she have them sent to herself?

Personally, I suspect it may be the former.

After all, she has that loved-up glow. There’s also this whole drive to get fit and move on from the JZ breakup. And she’s looking great. Her hard work at burning those calories is paying off.

Everyone wanted her to spill the tea but a blushing LaConco chose to keep her private affairs, private.

But that only made Nonku even more curious and she has been relentless in her attempts to get to the bottom of LaConco’s new romance.

Amid the pervading nosiness, Londie announced a girls’ trip to Nambiti Hills Private Game Reserve. Of course, everyone was keen.

Unfortunately, sometimes the best-laid plans go astray and Londie had to manage the fallouts when she was told that not all her guests would be able to stay on the property as they were overbooked and that the rest would be accommodated at Lions Valley Lodge, which is an hour-long drive away.

Mabusi Seme with Nonku Williams. Picture: Showmax

But the real bone of contention was Sorisha inviting Annie Mthembu, Jojo and Thobile to join her on a private jet to the game reserve.

Meanwhile, LaConco fetched Mabusi Seme and Nonku as they chose to drive in style. But their ride broke down and, several hours later, they eventually arrived irritable and exhausted.

Once everyone got a chance to refresh for the sexy sleeper party, the fun evening devolved into a screaming match between Nonku and Jojo after Nonku called Sorisha out on her decision to invite a select few to fly with her.

Jojo was also unimpressed with Thobile, who, by arriving dressed in a satin gown and hair bonnet, proved she clearly missed the “sexy” part of the brief for the evening.

Being one with nature is one thing, but the wild accusations saw several claws coming out. Can’t wait for Friday’s episode to witness the aftermath of the catfight.

“The Real Housewives of Durban” season 2 is streaming on Showmax with the next episode dropping on Friday.

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