Social media websites have been buzzing over the altercation between pop star Justin Bieber, bottom right, and actor Orlando Bloom, who split from model Miranda Kerr in 2013. Hours after the fight Kerr, 31, posted this shot of herself in a bath as if turning her back on them to prove she wants nothing to do with their fight.

What is it about Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr that drives men crazy?

Social media websites have been buzzing over the altercation between pop star Justin Bieber and Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom, who split from Kerr in 2013. They have a three-year-old son.

According to the London Daily Mail, Bieber told Bloom “Say hi to Miranda for me!” just moments after the actor tried to punch him when they ran into each other at the Cipriani restaurant on the Spanish Island of Ibiza on Wednesday.

The restaurant was packed with celebs, including Paris Hilton, Diddy and Leonardo Dicaprio, who was part of Bloom’s group.

The 20-year-old singer was reported to have got “very close” to the model at an after-party at a New York hotel after the Victoria’s Secret show in 2012, while she was still married to Bloom.

Hours after the fight hit the headlines Kerr, 31, posted a picture of herself and their son, Flynn, on the web, followed by a provocative shot of her topless in a bath from her new campaign for 7 For All Mankind Jeans.

This is not the first time Kerr has been caught up in a fight between two men. In May two of Australia’s richest men started brawling in the street after falling out when one of them left his wife and started dating Kerr.

James Packer and David Gyngell, both media moguls, have been friends since childhood, and Gyngell was best man at Packer’s wedding to wife Erica.

But last year Packer, 46 – son of pioneering broadcaster Kerry Packer – announced that he had separated from his wife, and allegedly began a relationship with Kerr, Bloom’s ex-wife. Both men later apologised and said they remain friends.

But clearly there is no love lost between Bieber and Bloom as the pop star continued to taunt the film star.

Bieber posted a picture of the 37-year-old actor, apparently in tears, just hours after this week’s brawl in Ibiza.

The photo, taken last year when an emotional Bloom appeared at his Romeo and Juliet broadway premiere, surfaced on Bieber’s Instagram page late on Wednesday.

It received 57 000 “likes” before being removed.

Reports also claimed Bieber is alleged to have told Bloom Kerr “was good” in reference to a date he reportedly had with the model, 31, in 2012 while she was married to Bloom.

His taunt pushed the usually mild-mannered Bloom, who is a Buddhist and a Unicef ambassador, over the edge.

Bieber is then believed to have quipped “say hi to Miranda for me” before walking away to pose for photos with fans.

TMZ reports that one version has Bieber extending his hand to Bloom, who refused it. When the singer asked what the problem was, he mentioned Kerr. As Bieber tried to walk away, Bloom “swung” a punch at him. A second version of the incident has Bieber telling Bloom that he slept with his wife – prompting the actor to throw a blow.

Kerr and Bloom announced their separation in October after three years of marriage, claiming they had split several months earlier.

As soon as rumours swirled of a possible fling with Bieber, Kerr’s lawyers quickly sent out a letter calling such claims “false and defamatory”.

Meanwhile, there is bad blood between Bieber and Bloom as the actor also has ties to Bieber’s ex, Selena Gomez; in April they were spotted partying at the Forum in LA after taking in Chelsea Handler’s Uganda Be Kidding Me show.

Fans and celebrities have reportedly been quick to take sides with Bieber gaining few supporters outside his Beliebers. Actress Alyssa Milano kept her stance simple, tweeting: “#TeamOrlando.”

Ray Donovan star Kerris Dorsey added some perspective: “Let’s be honest – the real crime here is that Justin Bieber has taken up wearing a fedora.”

Jimmy Fallon riffed on The Tonight Show: “Orlando Bloom apparently threw a punch at Justin Bieber last night during an argument at a nightclub. Orlando’s hand was pretty sore today. You know, from all the high fives he got.”

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