Far from applauding Katie, I always question the woman who the moment her marriage shatters, suddenly looks so much more gorgeous.

Katie Holmes tries to keep her life in "perspective".

The former 'Dawson's Creek' actress – whose divorce from ex-husband Tom Cruise was finalised last month – admits being in the public eye can be tough but knows she's a lot better off than some people.

Katie – who was given primary custody of the couple's six-year-old daughter, Suri, while Tom was awarded extensive visitation rights - said: "I have a lot of feelings about the press. But there are a lot of people with much bigger problems and who are less fortunate. I try to keep it all in perspective."

Katie also says she tries her best to keep Suri grounded, despite the youngster being born to incredibly wealthy and successful parents.

She told WWD: "I spray-paint shoe racks, because, why not? I think, 'Oh, I'm a great mom' - and then it doesn't really pan out the way I think it's going to. But the intention's there. I've always painted and done crafts at home - I have to stay creative in every aspect [of my life]. My sister teaches art, and she gives me a lot of ideas."