Tina Jaxa. Picture: Supplied

Tina Jaxa regards her new role on e.tv’s Rhythm City as the toughest she’s ever played.

In her latest role, the multiple award-winning actress plays Andiswa, a small-time criminal and fraudster out to create trouble for the villainous David Genaro (Jamie Bartlett).

Over the past week and a half, viewers were introduced to Andiswa, who was in prison for selling stolen goods. Now released, Andiswa has to cope with her daughter Pearl’s anger and resentment.

“At times I want to spank the writers for creating such a role. Every time I read the script I say to myself, ‘Gosh, why is this type of person still allowed to live,’” she said.

The actress says this is the most difficult role she has tackled so far, but it is a beautiful experience and she is loving each minute of it.

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Tina Jaxa. Picture: Supplied

“I have never taken up a role like this before and it was so difficult getting into character. I researched this type of character beforehand and I couldn’t find anyone like her. She is a bad girl and no matter how many times she is put in jail, she will always fall back into her old ways. It’s a beautiful character to play, but to bring her to life was very challenging. Andiswa had so many layers I had to unfold so I could do justice to her storyline.

“I used another technique to learn the role. I asked the character questions and answered them the way she would have answered. This got me a little more prepared to play her because I created her in my mind,” said Jaxa.

Jaxa believes that while Andiswa is around – and that won’t be for long – she will bring colour and balance to the soapie.

“I am pleading with viewers not to judge Andiswa. There is a lot more still to come.

“And if you know any female figures who have the same personality, make sure you get them help immediately,” she joked.

*Catch Tina Jaxa in Rhythm City, weekdays at 7pm on e.tv.