Theshen Naicker. Picture: Supplied
'Tokoloshe', a locally produced horror movie, is being filmed in Durban and is set to be released later this year.

Produced by the same team behind 'The Curse of Highway Sheila', the movie stars Theshen Naicker.

Naicker, who featured in 'The Curse of Highway Sheila', joined the team not just as a cast member but as one of the producers and creative directors.

Arish Sirkissoon, pictured, who wrote the script, said: “Theshen is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s biggest stars right now. He can sell out a show in minutes. So, it’s incredibly exciting to work with him.”

Sirkissoon said he approached the same team about doing a follow-up movie and the reaction was not what he expected.

“No one was really that excited, so I ended up doing a lot of it myself because I saw an opportunity. I wrote the bulk of the script and then approached local producer Richard Green (Taxi to Soweto and District 9) to see if he would like to be a part of it, as we had worked together before. He was just as excited as I was.

“I wanted something polished and Hollywood and I wanted to use the folklore of the tokoloshe as part of the story - just like Highway Sheila is a uniquely South African tale.

“We spent some time restructuring the script around this urban legend that is very much still relevant in South African cultures.

“So we put it all together and I think it’s something people will be able to relate to. Everyone’s heard a tokoloshe story.”