Travis Myers. Picture: Screengrab/YouTube

I know what that headline looks like. Have we officially arrived in an era where we’re referring to people by their job titles and proximity to fame as opposed to their real names? Welcome to 2018. 

To be fair, the name Travis Myers doesn’t really ring any bells in any circles anywhere in the world. No shade.

The premise of Good Looking Out is to give aspiring entrepreneurs five minutes to sell their idea to a panel of famous business people. It’s like Shark Tank, except there aren’t any mean people. Media mogul, Karen Civil, is the constant while the other experts change every week.

This week, content creator, Jovel Roystan, NFL player, Alvin Kamara and media maven, Kela Walker had the opportunity to hear a unique concept by A$AP Rocky’s barber, Travis Myers. The barber to the stars owns a company called Basic Celebrity and his pitch was all about installing hair units on men. Put simply: wigs for dudes.

The pictures of men over 35 losing their hair or those who have receding hairlines were funny but once you see what Travis can do with a hair unit, you too will want to recommend him to a few guys.

Watch Travis' pitch below.