Actor Clayton Evertson living the dream on screen

Clayton Evertson plays Jerome Smith in kykNET’s, Juffrou X.

Clayton Evertson plays Jerome Smith in kykNET’s, Juffrou X.

Published May 23, 2024


Under the radiant South African sun, where stories come alive and dreams are woven into reality, the charismatic Clayton Evertson lights up the screen with his talent.

This South African TV star is not just an entertainer, his journey from humble beginnings to stardom is not just a testament to his talent but also a reflection of the dreams and aspirations of a nation.

Evertson is a beacon of hope and inspiration in the entertainment industry, whose dedication has made him a household name.

In the vibrant world of South African television, where characters become family, the 38-year-old Evertson has captured the hearts of millions.

The Muizenberg High School alumnus discovered acting in Grade 10, prompting him to hang up his rugby boots and pack away his tennis racquets.

"I remember joining the drama group in Grade 10 and realising I loved acting. Though I was an avid tennis and rugby player, I wanted to act.”

"I told my family I wanted to study drama and joined the New Africa Theatre Academy. Then, I applied for a bursary at City Varsity and passed the audition," said Evertson.

Turn on the tele and Clayton Evertson is there: Clint/Jake (Arendsvlei), Pitbull (Koek), Vernon (Spinners), Morgan Witbooi (White Lies) and currently Jerome on kykNET’s Juffrou X – are just some of the many characters portrayed by this Thespian.

Many South Africans might think Evertson is new to their TV screens, but he first appeared in 2008 on eTV's Shooting Stars and later portrayed Detective Vergotine on the same channel in Traffic.

"Many people thought I had disappeared from the industry, but I just wasn't getting much local TV work at the time," says Evertson.

"Back then, we didn't have all the streaming platforms we have now, so there wasn't as much work available."

He adds: "I did some international projects and honed my American accent, which helped me land a few roles."

It was in 2020 when Evertson made his comeback to local TV screens as the undercover cop, Jake/Clint that stole the heart of not just the leading lady, Beatrice Abrahams but many an Arendsvlei fan.

"People called me the newbie, but I had already done quite a bit of TV work. I enjoyed playing a mysterious character who would enter the storyline, disappear for undercover work, and then return a few months later.

“I landed the role of Vernon in Spinners and heaps of work followed after that,” says Evertson.

Evertson currently portrays the role of Jerome in kykNET’s Juffrou X.

Juffrou X tells the story of Victory Heights Secondary School where the final exam is just one of the challenges facing the children. When a new deadly drug hits the rural town, it becomes a matter of life and death.

Juffrou X, the maths teacher, finds herself in the middle of a war, with the school as the prize. She veers deeper and deeper into the worldview and role of a vigilante until she must fight for her own life.

Jerome Smith (Evertson) is a security consultant with a few shadows in his past and the father of one of Inge’s matric students. After a tragic incident, he undertakes to help protect the school.

"Jerome is a fragile man, somewhat broken, and feels he's not the best dad in the world. When we first meet him, he carries a sense of guilt," says Evertson.

“Jerome is a dad who is a Jack of all trades, and he teams up with Juffrou X and together they combat the social ills of the society and those who threaten the school,” Evertson says.

“Jerome and Juffrou X go on a Bonnie & Clyde-style adventure but more righteously,” Evertson adds.

“We filmed in the Wilderness area for seven weeks – that is 8 episodes. My co-star, Trix Vivier (who plays Juffrou X), is phenomenal. I’ve never come across a professional like her.”

“The shooting schedule was challenging because we were not filming in Cape Town where we could go home after a day’s work. The hardest thing was maintaining focus and keeping my mental health intact.”

“This is not your conventional love story, it’s about the love for the community, the love for friends that becomes family. Viewers are in for a surprising ending, so keep watching,” says an elated Evertson.

Most of Evertson's roles are in Afrikaans, but his mother tongue is English.

"I understand Afrikaans much better than I speak it since my family speaks it all the time. I learn my lines from scripts and draw from everyday experiences with friends from all over Cape Town," says Evertson.

So, what’s next for Clayton Evertson?

“I am busy with a new project, that I can’t chat about now but later this year I am playing in a movie, Niemandsdorp and then there is a huge surprise, so watch this space!”

“My advice to the youth out there: trust your gut, you know your true feelings, commit to your decision and go for it. This industry is not easy, you will get rejected at auditions, but you have to stay grounded and try again.”

“Look at me, I am 38 and I am only getting all these great roles now, you need to continue believing in yourself,” says Evertson.

Juffrou X currently airs Tuesdays on kykNET, channel 144.

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