You know what it’s like when you overthink and overplan things, only to have it come back and bite you in the butt? Well, that’s what happened to Mzamo and Thando last week when they found themselves out of the game after conspiring against Lexi.

“Nothing could have prepared me for that,” lamented Thando.

All she wanted to do was spice up the game by conspiring with the others to gang up on Lexi. Big Brother did not find this strategy in any way amusing and put everyone up for eviction.

“I would not call it ‘ganging up’, but just a group of people who shared the same sentiments about one particular contestant,” Thando explained.

That said, it was mature of Thando to mention that in hindsight the idea of planning Lexi’s exit was childish. She understood where Big Brother was coming from and said she deserved the axe.

Given a chance to be on Big Brother again, Thando said she would jump at the opportunity.

Mzamo, on the other hand, has had enough of the game.

“I would not do it again,” he said.

While he was a crowd favourite, it was intriguing to learn he did not get along with many in the house.

“While people out there think Big Brother is just a game, some aspects of it are not.

“Beef is real. If you did not get along with someone in there, chances are you will not get along with them out here.

I know for sure there are some people I will not miss from that house,” he explained.

Funny enough Mzamo and Thando chose to gang up on Lexi, yet also think she will win the game.

“People want the entertainer and Lexi, in her own way, is very good at that,” said Mzamo.


Well, we have the Canadian Emmet visiting the house for a few days and his first mission was to cause chaos among the contes-tants. Since he has been on Big Brother Canada, he knows the game and causing havoc comes naturally to him. Only a few days in and he has already caused a rift between Loko and Poolie.

He has told them individually they do not need each other until after the game. Now he is about to pounce on Lexi and Mandla and, hopefully, break them up, too. He should probably go to Sol and his hand after that.


This one is for Big Brother.

If we were only to judge by the contestants’ popularity, we would not need Sizwe Ntsaluba Gobodo to tell us that Mzamo was a big deal in the game. There were so many other contestants who could have left way before he did. Big Brother increased Mzamo’s chances of leaving the house thanks to that punishment which had everyone up for eviction. It is no secret that the game will never be the same.


Mandla and Lexi are safe because viewers love to see live sex. Iris hasn’t been giving us much to write home about so she may just leave.

If Emmett played his hand right then the cracks he has created between Poolie and Loko will see one of them going home.

Now we wait.

• Big Brother Mzansi: Secrets airs live 24/7 on DStv channels 197 and 198 though all live Sunday shows are aired exclusively on Mzansi Magic.