Graham and Zavion
Graham and Zavion

We knew there was a bromance brewing between G and Z, but who could have guessed their relationship had become so close that they could communicate through a mere series of winks and eyebrow twitches?

Odd though their wee exchange might have been, at least it provided some element of interest in what’s really become humdrum viewing now as we edge towards the final few episodes…



“He’s (Zavion’s) very superficial, he’s a real thespian, he loves attention… I’m just humble, but with humility comes greatness.”

Hmm, what to do, what to do? Shall we go with the obvious “pot meet kettle” analogy, or the equally blatant fact that referring to yourself as humble and great in the same sentence is a contradiction in terms?



“Guys, I hate to be the first one to say it, but we have no food!”

Aw shucks, what a catch our ol’ Graham is: good-looking and observant to boot.



Whoa mama, did our pulse rates skyrocket when Graham unexpectedly popped on to our screens in nothing but his birthday suit – and all set against the stereotypical shower scene, no less.

But then there was Dave. Pasty skinned, flabby, over-50 Dave, vigorously washing between his bum cheeks. And with that one simple image, we all came crashing back down to earth. Hard.



Sometimes, in order to get ahead in life, we have to channel our inner SOB. And Sivu has been putting on quite an impressive show of doing just that. With comments like “he’s (Zavion) playing the game against someone who studied the game”, them claws are definitely coming out. You have indeed found your Precious, young prof.



To say Corne was visibly gobsmacked when his protégée was unceremoniously sent packing would be an understatement. We wouldn’t have been half surprised if Krige had jumped up and tackled Z by his ankles, just to get him to stay in the game.



You and Nico (pictured far left) matriculated together? Huh. Random Survivor factoid.



Zavion, Zavion, Zavion. In a naïve world, you would have won. And there’s no doubt you would have been one of only a handful of deserving winners.

But as even your mama pointed out, your physical strength combined with your skill for the social game already positioned a red dot dead centre on your back, so why oh why did you resort to glaringly transparent (and cringeworthy) false platitudes when you were soooo close?


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