Halle Berry and Eddie Murphy in "Boomerang". Picture: YouTube screengrab

When the "Boomerang" film premiered in 1992, it became an instant classic. The story was created by Eddie Murphy and he played an ad exec called Marcus. He was what the kids today would call an f-boy. Just a guy who played women without remorse.

Things change, but only slightly when he is introduced to his new boss, Jacqueline, played by Robin Givens, because he discovers that she is just like him. So he makes it his mission to seduce her. Halle Berry also starred in the film as Angela, an art director who also eventually sleeps with Marcus. But really, Robin and Eddie made the movie memorable.

It’s surprising then that amidst talks of the movie being turned into a series 26 years later, the talks would be spearheaded by Halle and Lena Waithe and not Robin or Eddie. Lena is an undeniable talent but we still have medium and not high hopes for this reboot into a series because of how Spike Lee’s joint, "She Hate Me," turned out as a Netlfix series. In short: it sucked. And it didn’t do the original film any justice.

The "Boomerang" series won’t even look at the original characters. It will focus on the lives of Marcus and Angela’s daughter and Jacqueline’s son, but will this keep the fans of the original film interested?

Waithe, fully aware TV viewers may be growing fatigued of reboots, describes the show as a “continuation of the original story.”

“There’s no point in trying to remake a classic,” she said, according to Deadline. “We want to create something fresh that speaks to a new generation. We hope people will come to the show with an open mind and ready to embrace the new world we’ve created.”