Calling all those who love to look good all the time. To all those who actually believe Beyonce when she sings that she woke up looking like this on Flawless.

You ladies all probably have a small mirror and make-up kit in your bag every time you leave home. And if you relate to any of these scenarios, then Beauty School Cop Outs, coming to MTV, is for you.

A bunch of English and Irish beauticians enroll at a beauty school in Manchester where they have to learn the tools of the trade. They go through various challenges to impress their instructors and, just as in any other situation, there are those who come out tops and others who struggle.

What makes this show worth your time is its drama. As any artist will know, the creative process does not need to be defined or defended as it is a feeling rather than a formula.

However, when others frown upon a piece of work that is perceived by the artist to be a masterpiece, the claws come out. On Beauty School Cop Outs you will see a number of such situations.

In this entertainment business, we meet a lot of famous people in their “red carpet” mode and they are happy to have their pictures taken. But if you were to meet them at a weekend-long festival like Oppikoppi, where bathing is not a must, you’d have trouble taking a photo of the same celebrities. Why? Because what you see in the magazines is really not what you see first thing in the morning.

It is the job of the beautician to make sure the stars stay looking fresh at all times and, while we are yet to grasp it, the US and the greater part of Europe are used to it. The only person who seems to have received the memo is Bonang Matheba who always has a personal assistant powdering her face and removing “impurities” that may spoil any photo. It does look bizarre in real life to see the dude fuss all over her, but it does explain why there are never any bad pictures of her published.

To the men who look for women at clubs and bars, Beauty School Cop Outs will change your mind and hunting grounds as you’ll see what people look like before the art work.


• Beauty School Cop Outs airs Tuesdays on MTV (DStv channel 130) at 8.30pm.