A celebrity episode of The Great SA Bake Off is scheduled for the end of the third season.

The Great SA Bake Off is about to get a little more exciting with a scheduled celebrity episode at the end of the third season.

Radio and TV personality and actress Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp, comedian Chris Forrest, former Mrs South Africa and Mrs World Candice Abrahams, lauded singer Timothy Moloi, TV and radio personality Mel Bala and Isidingo star Michaella Russell will all compete for the coveted title of SA’s best celebrity amateur baker.

The special episode will feature the six celebrities trying to bake through the three rounds - signature, technical and the all-important showstopper - all with a festive theme. Their efforts will be scrutinised by judges Zola Nene and Tjaart Walraven.

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We spoke to some of the contestants to find out if they had handled the heat in the kitchen.

How was the experience in the Bake Off tent?

Candice Abrahams (CA): It was quite an experience. I am a big fan of the show and to be on it was great. I always thought that you can buy time... but no! When they say “time is up”, time is really up. And the judges just stand there with poker faces. It’s very intimidating.

Timothy Moloi (TM): It’s more nerve-wracking than it looks. You have to mentally prepare for it and time management is so important. But stepping into the tent is so real and then it strikes you that you have to deliver.

How was the camaraderie?

CA: There was really that Kumbaya atmosphere. We laughed, joked and cried together.

TM: Everyone got along really well and we helped each other out where we could.

What’s the one thing you would change if you could go back?

CA: I would manage my time better. I like everything to be perfect and tend to lose track

TM: Read the recipe again and again and don’t miss any steps. Do exactly what it tells you to and pay attention to detail.

What do you focus on more, looks or taste?

CA: I wanted it to look good but taste even better. So, for me, it was the taste that was important.

TM: If it tastes good, then the judges can forgive its looks; however, if it looks good and tastes bad then you’re in the firing line. I also did not want to embarrass my family on the looks, so I tried to strike a balance.

Have you baked before?

CA: I’ve baked, or so I thought LOL. Now the kids and I are in the kitchen every weekend; they get really excited and it’s the little things that make the experience of baking nostalgic - like licking the bowl.

TM: The only thing I’ve baked in my life was banana bread. It’s a recipe that I know and have adapted to suit me.

*Catch The Great SA Bake Off Celebrity Special on December 19 at 8pm on BBC Lifestyle.