Bonang Matheba. Picture: Paballo Thekiso

Every now and then you tune into MTV or Trace and see an inter-national celebrity telling us the songs they think are hot right now.

Sometimes the presenter even goes back in time to try to learn about the said celeb’s musical tastes by asking them to compile a list of their childhood favourites.

MTV had Robin Thicke feature on one of those shows and his line-up listed the likes of Boyz II Men and Marvin Gaye which explains a lot when it comes to his musical preferences. He should probably play that music for his wife, Paula Patton, who has threatened to divorce him.

Back to the music shows. Just to show their popularity, Jason Derulo even has his own countdown show which looks only at top female singers. It is designed to be a sexy show loaded with innuendo. So you will see Rihanna on the roster, followed by Beyonce and maybe Melanie Fiona.

While that is all good and well, it is a bit depressing not to see Zonke or Moneoa on these kinds of shows and yet they are just as good.

In fact, in separate interviews, US R&B singers Joe Thomas and Anthony Hamilton have, of their own accord, pointed out that they wanted to work with Zonke.

Seeing there is that gap in the market – we do not have local countdown shows endorsed by celebrities – Channel O has stepped up to give us My Top 5, a local programme on which South African celebrities will provide us with insight into the songs they enjoy.

My Top 5 premieres with Bonang Matheba (pictured) who will select the five tracks that rock her world. If you have been to a few of the parties or events she attended, you will know she loves the dance floor. She has a specific sound and tracks she likes and if the DJ is nifty enough to pick up on it the TV personality will show off some of her dancing skills.

The great thing about My Top 5 is it is interactive, so much so that the host will tell viewers why a particular song made a celebrity’s list and what it reminds them of.

Also, because it is a local show with South African celebrities, it is important to note that local artists have a higher chance of being celebrated.

While the international household names will still make the list, our own legends like Oskido and DJ Tira will also get the mentions and respect they deserve.

The only problem that might come with a programme like this is when a musician is brought in as a guest. It is unclear if they can play their own music or that of their affiliates because that would be downright promotion as opposed to simply playing the jams they have enjoyed over the years.

Overall, My Top 5 is a party and a way for you to learn about your favourite celebrity through their choice of music.

• My Top 5 starts Saturday, 11am on Channel O (DStv channel 320).