Charli Cox as Daredevil. Picture: Netflix

* Contains some spoilers

Let's start with a round of applause for "Daredevil" season 3's cast and crew. Showrunner Erik Oleson promised to delve into the show's core characters, with unexpected twists, and that's exactly what he did.

We were taken on a character development journey, starting with seeing Matt Murdoch (Charlie Cox) at his lowest, to witnessing puppetmaster Wilson Fisk play new characters like FBI agents Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter and Ray Nadeem to a point of no return. 

Giving fans a glimpse into each character's story, we finally understand why Karen Page fled her hometown. Though we do get a glimpse into her past when Page calls her father following Dex's attack on the New York Bulletin, in episode 8 — aptly titled "Karen" — her story really comes full circle. 

With this revelation, one can totally understand why her relationship with Matt and Foggy Nelson is so important. She doesn't have anyone else. 

We also get to meet Foggy's family, allowing insight into the subtle pressures he faces of being a successful lawyer while his brother struggles to keep the family business afloat by stepping up to help their father while Foggy lives his dream.

Season 3 also sees Matt battle the Devil within, as he's again confronted with a moral dilemma: to kill or not to kill Fisk. Obviously, he decides the former because why kill off such a formidable enemy? 

At this point, I'd like to point out that I kind of predicted that Fisk would discover Matt's real identity. Remember season 2, episode 10? Fisk and Matt get physical after he threatens to block Vanessa from re-entering the US, and while Matt is seething that Fisk is running the prison, Fisk takes a calculated approach and asks to review Matt's file. 

I totally forgot about James Wesley, though, and what his death meant for Page after Fisk's release. 

Speaking of Fisk's brilliantly orchestrated release — and what followed — he must be commended on how he manipulated Dex into doing his bidding. Sure the guy's a maniac, but Fisk somehow knows exactly what buttons to press — or people to kill — to achieve the desired outcome. 

On that note, casting Wilson Bethel as Dex is what you call a bullseye. He embodied the character so well, that despite his rough start to life, one could not emphasise with his life choices. He's a natural born killer, a certified psycho and arguably Daredevil's most lethal enemy — who's very likely to feature again.

Now, let's talk about Sister Maggie. Yes, Charlie ... his mom!

During the season 3 media junket in Milan, Italy, last month, I asked Charlie about how introducing Sister Maggie — aka his mom —  would impact his character. He honestly seemed taken aback by me referencing the nun as his mother, and I assumed that it was a misjudged plot my side, as Maggie is Daredevil's mom in the comic books.

However, in season 3, episode 8, my theory was proven correct! Bada bing bada boom...

And don't get me started on the fight scenes. Charlie has shown to have a real knack for one-shot fight scenes, as seen in episode 4's jailhouse brawl According to reports, it was filmed in one single 11-minute take. You could literally feel Charlie's exhaustion but he never missed a beat. Bravo! 

And while season 4 hasn't been announced yet, I can't wait to see what's in store. I have this theory about Vanessa taking on a more villainess role.