Moneoa and her choir tackle the Afro-Pop theme

Munya Vomo

WHEN season two of Clash of the Choirs came around we were still hung up on the first one and did not think there’d be anything better.

The new-school Afro-pop theme was a great idea, especially with Mi Casa performing. Unlike other celebrities on the show who remain vague about their favourites, Mi Casa were outspoken about their support of Shugasmakx.


This week was the closest and fiercest competition yet so whoever wins will not do so by a mile. Shugasmakx was a little unsafe on his first song, but redeemed himself on the second. Moneoa overdid things in both songs, but was still good enough to compete. Robbie Malinga really outdid himself with his delicate compositions. He was truly a force to be reckoned with, but not necessarily the best on the night. This time the prize could go to anyone from the remaining three.


It was awkward to hear Shugasmakx explain that there was a two part love story being enacted in the pair of songs his crew did. He said that in the first song the couple was courting each other and in the next one the man was proposing. If you have to explain it perhaps things did not turn out well.


Lindelani Mkhize must have had the time of his life. From bopping to some of the music to briefly giving Anele Mdoda his hat, there was no limit to what he did to show his excitement. He obviously loved all the performances, but his favourite was Malinga’s thanks to the opera.


At this stage of the competition no one had to worry about the bottom two business. Instead they were all entertaining us for the finale.


This one is up to you, South Africa. The judges have had their say for several weeks, but now it is up to you how this ends. Everyone deserves to win. Moneoa, for being the under-dog and doing really well against seasoned musicians. Malinga for being a master at fusing genres and bouncing back whenever his choir falls. Then Shugasmakx, for sheer genius and consistency which has seen him escape the bottom two all season.

Clash of the Choirs, Sundays, 5.30pm on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161).