So the plot thickens with the budding romance between S’bu Vilakazi and DJ Stacy reaching an awkward moment this week when he is introduced to her mother – someone he unwittingly gets to know a little too well. Debashine Thangevelo caught up with the Rhythm City actress to find out how she deals with the aftermath of his betrayal…

S’BU Vilakazi (played by Lungile Radu) doesn’t have the best of luck when it comes to relationships. I won’t even get into his incestuous relationship with his half-sibling.

Right now, he seems to have caught the eye of DJ Stacy and succumbed to her feminine wiles. But he is about to find out that jumping into the sack with her has serious repercussions – especially if he is about to do the same with her mother. Although he doesn’t actually know they are related when he “cheats” on a very love-struck Stacy this week.

Before diving into her scandalous role, Megan Carelse, who graduated (cum laude, nogal) from studying musical theatre at the Tshwane University of Technology, cut her teeth in acting in an array of top-notch stage musicals such as Pieter Toerien’s Hair (2007), Rent and the Queen musical, We Will Rock You!

And she also crossed paths with bestselling author Ben Elton and Queen’s drummer, Roger Taylor – apart from meeting and singing with her mentor Howard McCrary, who has written tracks for Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones and Shaka Khan.

Carelse made her Rhythm City debut – her first TV show – last Monday. The 27-year-old, who realised “Cape Town was a bit slow” for the kind of career she wanted, moved to Jozi and, through her singing and many auditions, created a few waves.

Her agent thought her the perfect fit for the soapie character and, given that she got the role, so did the Rhythm City creative heads, it seems.

Of her sassy, go-getter character, she says: “Stacy is out there. She is so much fun and, for me as an actress, I love that she is multi-dimensional. Just when you think you’ve seen everything (with her), there is a moment of vulnerability that surfaces.

“” She has a lot of things she is dealing with. Her father abandoned her and her stepfather didn’t want her. That explains the way she treats men – she has ‘daddy issues’.

“The first impression you get is that she is slutty. She is very ambitious and when she sees S’bu, she sees a good- looking boy and wants that. But she also does fall for him.

“Like all women, she just wants to be loved. She comes across as very strong and too hot to handle – but she is really very monogamous.”

Remember the movie, He’s Just Not That Into You? Well, she is about to discover that she is one of those unsuspecting women.

While S’bu didn’t put up much resistance to Stacy’s advances, he wasn’t looking to date her. And that is where the situation gets complicated – especially when he unknowingly hits on her mother Eve (Emily Whitefield) at a bar.

“Stacy has always protected Eve,” Carelse says. “Eve has always been a bit of a MILF (mother I’d like f***), though. And when Stacy finds out this guy she’s fallen for has real feelings for her mother, it is soul-destroying.”

So while Eve and her daughter Stacy will probably be able to get through this devastating situation – after all, blood is thicker than water – the status quo with S’bu remains one of uncertainty.

• Don’t miss Rhythm City this week – this is one love triangle that has “explosive” written all over it. It airs on at 6.30pm on weekdays.