Join the cast of the new season of Ice Road Truckers as they navigate more treacherous terrain.

• Giada’s Family Christmas, Food Network, 20.10

Giada and her family celebrate the holidays at Aunt Raffy’s house in Aspen. Days in the snowy mountains begin and end with family meals, good cheer and good food. The menu includes traditional Italian strufoli, delicious straccoto (Italian pot roast), a special holiday French toast and more.

• Ice Road Truckers, History, 20.30

The drivers brave the treacherous Dalton. An encounter with a huge wreck leaves Darrell fretting, while disaster strikes on Austin’s first heavy haul.

• See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Sony Entertainment Television, 20.30

Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor again strike comedy gold in this madcap laugh-fest. Dave (Wilder) and Wally (Pryor) witness a murder, but Dave is deaf and Wally is blind. The police don’t think they’re credible witnesses, but the killers aren’t taking any chances. So the two mismatched men must team up to bring the murderers to justice while simultaneously saving their own skins.

• Inside West Coast Customs, Discovery HD, 22.00

West Coast Customs (WCC) is renowned for transforming ordinary cars into one-of-a-kind, show-stopping creations. With visionary Ryan Freidlinghaus at the helm, WCC has become a pop culture phenomenon, servicing celebrity clients such as Ma and This season, they create life-sized Mario Karts, turn a VW Passat into Darth Vader’s ride and team up with Microsoft to design a hyper-high-tech car.