Will and Jaden Smith star in their second film together as father and son in After Earth.

• After Earth, M-Net Movies Premiere, 16.30

Will and Jaden Smith partner again in another film as father and son. They take a different route this time when we visit a post-apocalyptic Earth. The story spends more time on Jaden than Will and it is obvious the Fresh Prince is passing the baton to his son to take over the family business.


• My Heart Beats For Lola, Telemundo, 18.00

It’s confession time for Lola this month as she revealsto Rodrigo what really happened between her and Andres. Later, she tells Adela that she hopes to one day get over Andres and find happiness again. Andres gets into a fight with Angel. Lola kisses Angel to make Andres jealous – but will her plan backfire?


• The Graham Norton Show, BBC Entertainment, 21.35

The irreverent chat show host from the Emerald Isle returns with comedy, celebrity gossip and general weirdness. And there’s just enough risqué material to make viewers cringe with delight. At the end of each episode, Graham introduces a contemporary music acts to wrap things up and finish the show with a bang.


• Doomsday Castle, National Geographic Channel, 21.55

Brent believes an electromagnetic burst (EMP), caused by an atomic bomb or solar flare, will cause power failure across the entire US that will send us back to the Middle Ages. So he’s summoning all 10 children to help him complete construction on the castle before it is too late.