Aunjanue Ellis reprises her role as former CBI director Madeleine Hightower in tonights episode of The Mentalist. She is pictured with co-star Robin Tunney.

• Yukon Vet, Nat Geo Wild, 18.00

Michelle Oakley’s veterinary practice is Yukon-tough. There is no such thing as a typical day. House calls can range from emptying dogs’ anal glands to getting chased down by a large Arctic musk ox. Accompanied by her teenage daughters and armed with humour as sharp as a scalpel, Michelle deftly juggles being a full-time vet, wife and doctor, taking us into unexplored and unexamined regions of the Yukon.

• NCIS: Los Angeles, Universal Channel, 20.00

The explosive conclusion to the season sees the team up against criminal genius the Chameleon, who has given Callen the slip before. But this time Callen is adamant that his reign of death and destruction must come to an end, whatever the cost. The problem is that while he is prepared to take extreme measures to defeat his nemesis, the consequences for the rest of his team may tear them apart for good.

• Die Trying, National Geographic Channel, 20.05

A new show that follows the world’s greatest adventurers as they break records, accomplish the impossible and push the boundaries of our knowledge.

• The Mentalist, M-Net, 20.30

Jane reveals that a list of fake Red John suspects he planted was stolen – and the CBI team realises these men are in danger. Aunjanue Ellis returns as former CBI director Madeleine Hightower.