Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan in Ray Donovan (Pilot) - Photo: SHOWTIME - Photo ID: RayDonovan_Pilot_Single_166r

• The Great British Bake Off, BBC Lifestyle, 20.00

As the contestants vie for the best amateur baker crown, they encounter various tasks, all under the watchful gaze of judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. They must show a variety of skills, from producing amazing angel food cakes to creating deceptively difficult fruit pies and a savoury picnic pie.

• Killer Karaoke, Sony Max, 21.00

In this reality game show, the contestants are required to sing while being put through outrageous and skin-crawling physical challenges. Host Steve-O (Jackass) takes us on an excruciating but always hilarious ride into karaoke gone wild. In pursuit of a cash prize, the amateur karaoke kings and queens have to brave their worst fears, such as being attacked by dogs or dunked in a tank full of snakes, while putting their vocal cords to the test on their favourite songs.

• Geordie Shore, MTV, 21.15

The Geordie gang are back and ready for some more booze-fuelled antics. And the best part? There’s a new lad joining the house and he’s ready to bring on the drama. Aaron Chalmers is 26 and used to work as a topless host. He’s a bit of a ladies’ man and a player, but he gets away with it because everyone seems to love him. But with his own ideas about being Gary’s wingman, what will Scotty-T make of the new arrival?

• Ray Donovan, M-Net, 21.30

The appearance of Tiny, an ex-member of Sully’s gang, jeopardises Cochran’s career. He and Ray disagree over what measures to take. Ray tries to get Tiny out of the country safely while simultaneously closing the deal on a new house in Trousdale.