In the finale of True Detective, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson tie up loose ends.

• Bake with Anna Olsen, The Home Channel, 18.00

Anna prepares cakes made with vegetables. She starts with a zucchini orange loaf. Next she tackles a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. For something your guests won’t believe, try a veggie cake – Anna creates a rich beet chocolate cake. And finally, a bite-size treat featuring a veggie you would never expect in a cupcake: potato.


• The Bachelorette, Vuzu, 20.30

In the emotional conclusion, Desiree must decide if she can move forward.


• True Detective, M-Net, 21.30

The scarred killer is shown in his home, a large, messy house. He lives and has sex with his mentally challenged half-sister, spouts his philosophies in a variety of voices and keeps his father’s corpse in a shed out back. He is also shown painting a school building, where he watches two girls and makes eye contact with a young boy. Cohle and Hart interrogate Geraci, getting him to talk by showing him the cultists’ tape of the Fontenoit sacrifice. They learn the sheriff at the time of Fontenoit’s disappearance was named Childress, and covered up her disappearance.


• Below Utopia, Mzansi Magic, 22.00

A man returns to his family’s home for the holidays with his girlfriend. His family’s peaceful life is interrupted, however, by not only the death of his brother, but also his failure to live up to his brother’s potential. Then the arrival of bloodthirsty killers overshadows everyone’s pain and grief.