Beyonc� is one of the hottest female acts of our time. Tune in to Channel O to find out more about her musical journey.

• Beyoncé Weekend, Channel O, 17.00

Beyoncé managed an unprecedented feat in December when she released her fifth album of 14 tracks and 17 short films without anyone having a clue. In a world of social media, this was an astonishing feat which proved Queen Bee’s status as the world’s most exciting superstar. To celebrate her career, which began in 1996 with the formation of Destiny’s Child, Channel O has a slate of programmes lined up.

• Border Rico, Travel Channel, 20.00

A piece of America in the heart of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise and America’s most vulnerable border. Closer to Colombia than Florida, this territory is the setting for non-stop action for agents and investigators who staff Puerto Rico’s frontlines. They never know what the day will bring: smugglers in speedboats, narcotics seizures, illicit currency, weapons, stranded migrants, and much more.

• The Bachelor, Vuzu, 20.30

The remaining six contenders visit Miami, Juan Pablo’s home town, where four of them enjoy a group date on a private island. Elsewhere, a one-on-one date involves a trip on a luxury yacht, and a bachelorette meets Juan Pablo’s daughter at her dance recital.

• The Man With The World’s Biggest Testicles, TLC Entertainment, 20.55

Wesley Warren jr has scrotal elephantiasis: his scrotum weighs more than 73 kg and hangs down between his ankles. He under-went surgery last April. His struggles with his condition are a story of human courage.