Simon Baker is brilliant in his depiction of Patrick Jane in The Mentalist.

• Drop Dead Diva, M-Net Series, 19.30

Season three premieres with Grayson in a coma and Jane representing an actor whose innocence she questions in a fatal hit-and-run. When Kim takes the case of a woman whose ex-husband lied to lure her back into bed, she goes up against her ex-boss and former boyfriend, Jay Parker.

• The Mentalist, M-Net, 20.30

The murder of a wealthy salesman with terminal cancer is investigated by the CBI.

• Battlefronts, The Home Channel, 21.00

Viewers get to see a low-maintenance, succulent garden with a dramatic feature at the centre. A highlight of the design is two traditional French parterre gardens with an Australian twist, and Dianne Parmagos gets the feng shui garden she’s always wanted.

• Top Gear Australia, BBC Entertainment, 21.00

The popular car show from Down Under returns for a third series, with presenter and professional racing driver Steve Pizzati, who is joined by comic actor Shane Jacobsen and motoring journalist Ewen Page as they enjoy and dissect motoring in an Australian way. Hilarious and provocative, the boys go to hell and back testing the cars they love – and hate – to the very extreme. New challenges in series three include crossing the outback in 40-year-old family cars to sail across a lake that may or may not be there, delivering pizza in an Italian supercar, and generally making cars do what they were never meant to.