The battle is on between The Game, pictured, and 50 Cent on Channel O tonight.

• Battle: The Game VS 50 Cent, Channel O, 20.30

The Game and 50 Cent go video-to-video to win the hearts of fans. The Game’s latest album, Jesus Piece, features Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Tyga and Lil’ Wayne – and is confirmation as to why the Compton rapper has sold millions of records. But New Yorker 50 Cent’s forthcoming Street King Immortal, sees the G-Unit head’s return to form.


• E! Entertainment Special: Biggest Reality Scandals, E!, 21.00

From cooking shows to on-air dating, reality TV is this generation’s biggest craze and a platform of fame for people willing to do just about anything to be a TV star. E! explores the effect these shows have had on pop culture.


• Top Gear, BBC Knowledge, 21.00

Irreverent, witty and unbiased, Top Gear takes cars to the limit and beyond to find out if they’re any good. If you want to know how big the boot is, look elsewhere. Full of stunts, challenges and special features, the format is self-deprecating, inclusive and passionate – there are no boring stats and impenetrable conversations about camshafts and tyre pressures. Instead you get epic road trips, over-ambitious projects – and lashings of good old fashioned mucking about.


• Real Housewives of Miami, Vuzu, 21.30

As Adriana botoxes her prince and makes unreasonable demands on her guests, Marysol and Alexia plot to stop the Brazilian Bridezilla from ruining her dream wedding. Romain and Joanna discover there’s more to their sex problems than meets the eye.