Basic Instinct

• Filthy Riches, National Geographic Channel, 19.10

From the great white north to the dirty south, the heartland to the Wild West – in every nook and corner of the US, industrious and ingenious Americans are proving they’re still not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty earning a living off the land. Dealing in diverse commodities and methods of harvest from the unexpected to the outright outrageous, they’re all cashing in big in the process.

• Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Vuzu, 19.30

Kim sends problem dog Kingsley off to doggy boarding school. Yolanda hosts a night of fine dining and music – provided by the Canadian Tenors – at her gorgeous Malibu home. However, she inadvertently divides the group in two by dubbing herself, Brandi and Lisa “The Dream Team”. Tipsy Brandi continues to insult Joyce, and Joyce and husband Michael voice their anger and contempt for Brandi.

• Unhinged, The Home Channel, 19.30

General contractor Summer Baltzer and her family give this deserving trio a boost with a customised chef’s kitchen.

• Basic Instinct, Sony Entertainment Television, 20.00

This Oscar-nominated film caused a fuss because of its steamy sex scenes, but it’s an excellent crime thriller in its own right. Michael Douglas stars as a detective investigating the bizarre kinky murder of a former rock star. He’s convinced that the rocker’s girlfriend, a crime novelist (Sharon Stone), committed the crime but she’s so smart and manipulative he finds himself playing a dangerous lust-filled game.