• 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, MTV, 20.00

MTV knows how to throw one heck of a party so join us as we host the 31st annual MTV Video Music Awards. That’s right, a night when the hottest in music talent is set to go down, so mark your 2014 calendars: the MTV VMAs was held at the renovated, historic “Fabulous” Forum in Inglewood, California, making it the first major awards show at the venue. For unforgettable moments, outrageous performances and sheer star power, you can’t afford to miss this.

• The Volt: Iyanya, Channel O, 19.00

The Volt continues to examine, through revealing interviews, just what it takes to make it in the competitive music scene. This week’s episode puts Iyanya in the spotlight, exploring the musical journey of this R&B and Afrobeat Nigeria star.

• Mixology, Vuzu, 19.00

When we left Cal and Kacey, they’d just discovered they were both from the same area of Ohio, and clearly had some chemistry. Cal’s hooked, but that’s Cal’s thing: Falling in love super fast. At 26, he’s been married three times. Bruce keeps reminding him that he’s more than likely wrong about her being the one, whereas Tom keeps telling Cal to follow his heart. They make plans to meet on Kacey’s break.

• Married to Medicine, Vuzu, 19.30

Meet the strong, fierce, and funny women who make up Atlanta’s medical world. Dr Jackie and Dr Simone have to navigate the obstacles they face as a wife, mother, friend, and gynaecologist while Mariah, Quad, Toya, and Kari show us that you pay a steep price for a life of privilege when you’re married to medicine.