Jason Statham is calm under pressure as the lead in the gripping thriller, The Bank Job.

• The Mentalist, M-Net, 20.30

Lisbon reconnects with her former fiancé while investigating the murder of a surfer. Cho questions his relationship with Summer.

• Barefoot in London, Food Network, 21.00

It’s a chilly night in east Hampton and Ina is making sausages and mash for Jeffrey, a dish she ate at a friend’s wedding in London. The fireside meal inspires Jeffrey to whisk her away to London on a food adventure for a Christmas present. In London, Ina has hired a London bus for their food safari so while she checks out food destinations he can tour the sites in style. Ina drops in at some of the coolest places on the London food map and meets some of the people making headlines.

• The Bank Job, M-Net Movies Showcase, 21.00

During a foolproof bank hit, a robber and his crew stumble upon a few dirty secrets. They are soon caught in the middle of a deadly web of corruption.

• Wildest Islands, Animal Planet, 22.00

Dive into the aquamarine lagoons of the Solomon Islands, journey through the lush forests of Zanzibar and uncover the enduring wonders of the Galapagos Islands as brand new series “Wildest Islands” investigates the rich history of these pristine paradises. Each episode explores the extremes of life in these unique and dramatic landscapes. People have also found ingenious ways to survive and thrive in these remote locations; developing skills, traditions and beliefs that make their island communities unique. Gain an in-depth understanding of these astonishing environments and experience the colourful cultures that exist throughout the world’s islands.