l Cougar Town, M-Net, 19.00

Ellie frets little Stan is turning into a “devil child,” or even worse, could grow up to be like Laurie. Travis likes his new off-campus housing, until Bobby tries to convince him to take in dog Travis.

l British Night, Food Network, 20.10

Andy Bates delves into the history of Britain’s most famous dishes and gives them a modern “street food” interpretation. Claire Sweeney and celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo tour Britain to test its finest amateur cooks who think they can compete with the professionals at the highest level.

l Switched At Birth, M-Net Series, 20.30

Kathryn secretly meets the nurse from Angelo’s lawsuit to find out if her story is plausible. Meanwhile, Angelo pursues a relationship with Bay, giving her a glimpse of what life with her biological parents might have been like. Daphne still wants nothing to do with Angelo and is hurt by his return.

l Hammond Meets Moss, BBC Knowledge, 22.00

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond and motor-racing legend Sir Stirling Moss have something in common; they both suffered devastating, life-changing accidents behind the wheel. Physically, the pair recovered quickly, but what about the emotional and psychological impact their crashes had on them? Why does the mind take so much longer to heal than flesh and bone? This insightful documentary looks at how the brain effectively “reboots” itself after a trauma as Richard and Sterling exchange their experiences.