• Turn Up The Heat With G Garvin, Style, 19.20

Chef G Garvin shares his cooking knowledge, including secret recipes and expert techniques. Aimed at novice cooking enthusiasts to expert chefs looking to broaden their knowledge of recipes and cooking styles, G Garvin creates interesting flavours with the simplest of dishes. Led by his cooking mantra, “If I can do it, you can do it”, he proves that everyone has the ability to cook quality meals from scratch.

• Royal Pains, M-Net, 19.30

Boris and Hank meet secretly to formulate a plan that will lure Milos to the US. Evan discovers the news and wants in, but Hank doesn’t want to endanger him or anyone else. This doesn’t stop Evan from turning Shadow Pond upside down in an attempt to figure out what Milos is so desperate to find.

• Chopped, Food Network, 20.10

Could you take a selection of plain and unappetising ingredients and turn them into an extraordinary three-course masterpiece? The four up-and-coming chefs on Chopped compete to do just this before a panel of three expert judges. The chefs are challenged to transform their simple yet demanding ingredients into delectable dishes, and there’s a big prize at stake. They have just seconds to scrutinise their mystery ingredients and plan their creative approach, followed by 30 minutes to cook. Ted Allen leads this high-energy, high-pressure show that will have viewers rooting for a winner and cheering for the losers.

• RuPaul’s Drag Race, Vuzu, 21.30

The queens are challenged to create party-themed couture for a runway face-off. With guest judge Khloé Kardashian.