Mike Myers steals himself away from comedy to do the oddball romantic thriller So I Married an Axe Murderer.

• Storage Hunters, Discovery Channel, 19.30

This fly-on-the-wall series follows auctioneer Sean Kelly as he sells the hidden contents of storage units. Many people use these units to house treasured items. But those who fail to pay their rent are in for a nasty shock, as the owners can cut the lock and sell the contents. Gain a glimpse into the winner-takes-all world of storage unit auctions, where the highest bidder has a shot at making a quick profit. But once the door to the mini-storage unit is opened, prospective buyers can only peer inside from the doorway and decide whether to bid on the entire unit.

• Live Here, Buy This, The Home Channel, 19.30

What if you sold everything? Where could you afford to live and how? This show tantalises homeowners with properties around the world that match the cost of their current home. Today, Jessica and John moved to the suburbs. Dying to get back into the action, they’re looking at life in London, Scottsdale and Playa del Carmen Mexico. But will $1.2 million go as far as they hoped?

• So I Married an Axe Murderer, Studio Universal, 20.00

Mike Myers plays San Francisco poet Charlie, who’s never been lucky in love but finally seems to have met the girl of his dreams, Harriet (Nancy Travis). Unless, of course, she’s serial husband-slayer “Mrs X”…

• Peace, Love & Understanding, M-Net, 23.30

An uptight lawyer takes her two teens to her hippie mom’s farm for a family holiday.