Zone-In: Tumi, Channel O, 19.00

Rob the Church is Tumi Molekane’s first album since leaving Tumi and the Volume. It saw the poet and MC hit the mark with the video Hello Kitty and other great songs. Tune in to to catch up on his career.

Real Reno’s, The Home Channel, 19.30

Contractor Jim Caruk takes on million-dollar renovations. The Thornwood reno is finally finished and Jim and Neil reflect on a difficult job. Time is up at Jim’s rental and he moves into another temporary pad.

Classic Car Rescue, Discovery Channel, 21.00

Bernie Fineman and Mario Pacione restore rust-buckets to their former classic car glory. Working to a tight deadline and even tighter budget, they scour scrap yards, wasteland and backyards to find bargain wrecks with potential. They then begin the difficult task of sourcing the rare, original parts required to revitalise these sleeping beasts. They also meet designers, engineers, owners and aficionados to discuss how and why these models became automotive icons.

Warrior, M-Net, 23.30

Tommy Conlon returns home for the first time in 14 years. He enlists the help of his father to train for an important mixed martial arts tournament in which the winner takes all. While Tommy excels at the tournament, his brother Brendan competes in a desperate attempt to save his family financially. But Brendan ends up being a star and the brothers realise they will soon have to confront each other in the ring.